Friday, March 05, 2004

"Counterrevolutionary underlining"

This is how bizarre the Cuban dictatorship's repression of dissidents has become:

Jailed dissident will get no more library books for "counterrevolutionary underlining"

HAVANA, March (Reinaldo Cosano Alén / - Imprisoned dissident Rolando Jiménez will not get any more books from the municipal library in the Isle of Youth capital of Nueva Gerona for highlighting the description of a dictator in a work of fiction, said his wife.

"The librarian said they would not let me borrow any more books because Rolando had underlined a characterization of Aníbal Anaya, the dictator in the book, who resembled the Cuban ruler, and that made it a counterrevolutionary underlining," said Maisel Gutiérrez, Jiménez' wife.

Jiménez has a habit of underlining, said Gutiérrez. He was reading El perro, (The Dog) by Alberto Vázquez Figueroa, from Central America. She said the story is that of a political prisoner who escapes and reflects on the dictator's and his own situation.



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