Saturday, March 06, 2004

Eco-alarmists Against Immigration

From anti-immigration CSNNews commentator Tom DeWeese:

Immigration issues are generating an internal war within the famed Sierra Club. With the election of its Board of Directors coming in April, the Sierra Club is fighting a two-front war from within as activists from its right wing and left wing seek to take control. It's developing into a war for the very soul of the nation's largest environmental activist group.

From the right, activists seek to change the organization's direction on immigration policy. Currently, the Sierra Club supports open borders to allow the flood of illegals into the United States. The group's rational is that aliens from poor countries would do less damage to the environment here because the US can better cope with pollution. Therefore, says official Sierra Club policy, let them come. Never mind the cost to taxpayers.

Meanwhile, the Green "Sustainable Development" policy is enforcing "Smart Growth"; regulations on American cities, stopping development, controlling water use, and forcing Americans out of their cars in the name of a population explosion that exists only because of an open border policy! Now, some members of the Sierra Club have reasoned that support for such an immigration policy should end in order to protect the US environment.


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