Thursday, April 22, 2004

Beat the Worms

News from Cuba:

Political organizations said to encourage beatings of dissidents

HAVANA, April 20 (María López, Lux Info Press / - Political organizations affiliated with the government are said to be encouraging their members to beat any dissidents speaking up about human rights or the Varela project, a dissident initiative asking for more open government.

"When the worm is well beat up, then you call the police," is the slogan reported to have been repeated in several organizations' meetings. Worm is the term given to anyone who is not favorable to the Revolution.

Henry Saumel, the president of the Republican Alternative dissident movement, was recently approached by a friend who has ties to one such organization. The friend advised him to keep a low profile in public, and then asked him for information about the Varela project, of which he said he hadn't heard before.


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