Friday, April 30, 2004

Cuban Police Tactics


Police blackmail dissident with his own photographs

SANTA CLARA, April 28 (Diolexys Rodríguez Hurtado, Cubanacán Press / - Police arrested dissident Dagoberto Quintana, confiscated his photographs of a meeting of dissidents, and told him they were going to tell his fellow dissidents that he had given them the pictures so they could identify the people in them.

Quintana, a peaceful opponent of the government who belongs to the Movimiento Democracia (Democracy Movement), was waiting at the Trimagen photo studio for his photographs of a dissidents' meeting to be developed when two officers of the National Police came for him and took him to the third police unit in handcuffs.

At the station, they told him they would show the photos around dissident circles and spread the word that Quintana had provided them as a service to State Security.


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