Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Democrats' Plantation Politics!

Leonard Brennan Rodriguez has some strong words for Latino voters:

For generations, Democrats have sold the Latino and Black communities a lie as shameful as segregation. And if you have ever been told, or actually believe, that “Republicans are for the rich” consider yourself a victim. Truth be told, Republican are not for the rich, but rather, the ills that plague minority communities exist because Democrats trap the poor. There is perhaps no better example of this reality than examining the Black community’s lopsided loyalty to the Democrat Party...

Democrats want to make Hispanics the next generation of poor political dependents. Implementing the same tactics and selling the same lie as they have to the Black community, they have prevented Latina Linda Chavez from being named Secretary of Labor and Honduran immigrant Miguel Estrada from serving on the Nation’s second most powerful court. These two loses come at the expense of the Latino community’s progress. In this day and age, there are not enough minority faces -- regardless of social status, background or ideology -- serving in leadership positions. Our respective communities, and most importantly our youth, need more visible leaders. This is the cause worth championing and not the opposite.


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