Thursday, April 29, 2004

The Latinization of America

Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos and John Hopkins University professor Adam Segal have a very good article in the Baltimore Sun:

National political campaigns are increasingly bilingual as they are reflecting who we are becoming as a nation. Though we are months away from Election Day, the leading candidates and their affiliated groups have already launched Spanish-language television, radio and print advertisements intent on attracting the attention and support of Latino voters in Florida, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.

In the past, political strategists debated whether to invest thousands of dollars for specialty media efforts to reach Hispanic voters in limited areas.

Now they ask which prominent group will handle this strategy and how many millions of dollars will be set aside for this purpose in more than a dozen states.

Presidential candidates and parties are increasingly steering their national campaign strategies toward Latino voters, who are flexing their political muscles in key battleground states.

I've only excerpted the parts that deal with politics, but the authors have some very insightful comments about cultural and demographic issues as well. Read the whole thing.


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