Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Racial Disparities in Health Care

Roger Clegg, writing for National Review Online has some thoughts on government solutions for a racial/ethnic disparity in health care:

Whenever someone promises to attack a racial disparity, I worry. Because, inevitably, the problem turns out to be rooted in something other than race, so that taking a race-oriented approach results in more discrimination than you had to start out with...

The point is that it is very unlikely that the right way to address a racial or ethnic health disparity is through a racial or ethnic approach. These are health issues, not civil-rights issues. There are millions of people who need better health care, and they come in all colors. It is wrong to pass a bill that will encourage the health-care system to focus more on some racial or ethnic groups than others.

Roger Clegg is general counsel of the Center for Equal Opportunity.


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