Tuesday, April 13, 2004

U.S. Editors in Cuba

U.S. editors meet with Cuban independent journalists

HAVANA, April 11 (Ernesto Roque Cintero / - Eleven editors from the Associated Press news service met with three Cuban independent journalists in Havana.

The U.S. editors, who arrived in Cuba after touring Mexico, wanted to know about the independent's working conditions, especially after the repressive wave launched by the Cuban government in March last year.

The visitors also asked about how the independent journalists dispatch their stories and about the access ordinary Cubans have to them, about the journalists problems getting professional training and the difficulties they experience with sources.

One of the Cuban independent journalists present, Anna Veitía, said: "We hope the people of the U. S. and Canada learn the reality of the situation in Cuba from the newspapers the A P editors represent, and that similar visits may take place periodically."

After meeting with the independent journalists, the U. S. editors met with Cuban foreign minister Felipe Pérez, and with the president of the National Assembly, Ricardo Alarcón, who told them about the imprisonment of the 75 journalists and dissidents last year: "the internal security of the country is more important that our image abroad."


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