Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Oliver Stone & Fidel Castro

From FrontPageMagazine:

On March 15, HBO premiered Stone’s documentary Looking for Fidel, which it publicized as more critical than his previous documentary on Castro, Comandante. HBO cancelled Comandante last spring after the imprisonment of 80 Cuban human rights activists sentenced to 20 years or more in most cases. Stone returned to Cuba in May to film Looking for Fidel.

As its chummy title indicates, Looking for Fidel retains an admiring tone toward Castro. Sure, Stone poses human rights issues to Castro and includes brief remarks by dissidents Oswaldo Payá, Elizardo Sánchez, and Vladimiro Roca, but his heart isn’t in it. Stone is smitten with Castro – “one of the Earth’s wisest people,” he said last February [3] – and it begets obscene indulgences.


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