Friday, May 14, 2004

War Saves Lives

Jose Ramos-Horta, the 1996 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize makes a good case for using military might to defeat evil:

The new Socialist government in Spain has caved in to the terrorist threats and withdrawn its troops from Iraq. So have Honduras and the Dominican Republic. They are unlikely to be the last. With the security situation expected to worsen before it improves, we have to accept that a few more countries--which do not appreciate how much the world has at stake in building a free Iraq--will also cut and run.

No matter how the retreating governments try to spin it, every time a country pulls out of Iraq it is al Qaeda and other extremists who win. They draw the conclusion that the coalition of the willing is weak and that the more terrorist outrages, the more countries will withdraw...

The consequences of doing nothing in the face of evil were demonstrated when the world did not stop the Rwandan genocide that killed almost a million people in 1994. Where were the peace protesters then? They were just as silent as they are today in the face of the barbaric behavior of religious fanatics.

Some may accuse me of being more of a warmonger than a Nobel laureate, but I stand ready to face my critics. It is always easier to say no to war, even at the price of appeasement. But being politically correct means leaving the innocent to suffer the world over, from Phnom Penh to Baghdad. And that is what those who would cut and run from Iraq risk doing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good words. I completely agree - war saves lives. If being politically correct means letting civilians being tortured and killed then what would being politically incorrect be? I come from Australia, my father is in the Navy and has been to Iraq before and is going again at the end of the year. It makes me furious when Australians with no knowledge say "stop the war! stop the killing!" they are only saying this because they are safe from threat because people like my father are out there fighting. What would happen if they didn't fight? We could be attacked! If that happened, these incoherant "peace-makers" would ask "WHERE IS OUR MILITARY!?WHY AREN'T THEY KILLING!?" In Iraq, these extremists are killing innocent people. We aren't going after the innocent. We're going after the bad guys to protect the innocent. Death in these cases is innevitable, yet we can prevent more death.
I am doing a debate on this (War saves lives) tomorrow. we're affirmative.

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Thankyou Bronte =]

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