Friday, June 18, 2004

Immigrants and Jobs

The decidedly anti-immigrant slant of this article from the Washington Times has the effect of making a good jobs report seem like bad news:

A new report shows that noncitizens — who cannot vote in the upcoming election — are taking almost 30 percent of the new jobs created in the United States, a trend that threatens to blunt President Bush's efforts to trumpet economic growth during his push for reelection.

When government statistics showed a first quarter increase of 1.3 million jobs , the Bush administration heralded it as a sign of economic recovery. With about 30 percent of those jobs going to non-voters, however, the possible impact of that growth is not as great.

The article also makes it sound as if the only possible reason for creating jobs is to gain a political advantage. What matters is that jobs are being created and the economy is growing. The fact that the President may benefit politically from these positive developments is secondary.


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