Thursday, July 15, 2004

Linda Chavez and LatinoPundit

LatinoPundit, my fellow blogger and all-around good guy, takes issue with Linda Chavez for criticizing John Leguizamo for his comments at a Kerry fundraiser in which he compared Hispanic Republicans to roaches. He implies that Chavez should have criticized George W. Bush for making jokes at a D.C. black-tie affair about his inabililty to find Weapons of Mass Destruction.

With all due respect, I don't think LatinoPundit gets it. While President Bush's jokes may have dealt with a very sensitive and controversial subject (WMDs), they were self-deprecating jokes. He was making fun of himself! John Leguizamo, on the other hand, was making jokes about other people, and they were jokes based on those people's ethnicity and beliefs. If he had compared himself to a roach for being a Democrat nobody would have complained.


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