Tuesday, July 13, 2004

More on the Kerry Fundraiser

The controversy will continue until Kerry disavows the nasty comments and maybe returns some of the money:

John Kerry's campaign continued to field questions Friday about whether the presidential candidate condones the off-color comedy and harsh attacks that were aimed at the president Thursday night. And the Bush campaign called for the Democrats to publicly release the videotape of the private event.

The Kerry campaign refused, saying that the Massachusetts senator and his running mate, John Edwards, did not approve of the risqué remarks but that the celebrities had a right to speak their minds.

According to the New York Post, if Kerry/Edwards do not condemn the comments, they are condoning them. Silence equals approval.

This is what the Latino Coalition has to say:

"John Leguizamo's comparison of Hispanics supporting Republicans to "roaches for Raid" (Jodi Wilgoren, "Kerry's Celebrity Fund-Raiser Is a Huge Bash," The New York Times, 7/9/04) is not only shameful coming from a Latino, but a sad display of the anger and rage that Kerry surrogates are willing to display without thinking twice about the consequences of their actions.

"If Latinos are going to join the movement of offensive, racial slurs against brothers and sisters who may disagree with them politically, what moral authority will any Latino have to raise his or her voice when others do the same?...

"Regardless of political affiliation, all Hispanics and the entire country should repudiate such political discourse. When in the course of expressing political opinions one denigrates an entire segment of the population, one has only contributed to those who exploit the differences among the members of that community to keep them from achieving their full potential.


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