Monday, July 12, 2004

More on us "roaches"

Steve, a Hispanic Republican from L.A., has some interesting and insightful thoughts on the John Leguizamo tirade comparing Hispanics to roaches (see below):

I guess no one will hold Mr. Leguizamo accountable to the notion that Hispanics are by far the kindest racial minority group to Republicans. Sure, 49% of Hispanics side with Democrats (20% - Republican), and the GOP, unlike in years past, only now are losing their edge on luring them over, but that 2.45 to 1 ratio look less dire, when you view Hispanics as substantially less Democratic than blacks (64 to 5 percent Democratic) , who are current the race apple of the DNC’s eye. Hell, you can argue that an immigration boom of Hispanics would help Republicans, because Democrats sure as hell wouldn’t know how to handle them. Don’t believe me? The Democrats only threw out one Spanish-speaking candidate for President, and he screamed his way out en route to ‘taking back the White House’ he never had. George Bush, on the other hand, Governor of a very Hispanic state, speaks fluent, if gringo, Spanish and his brother Jeb, a former missionary, speaks beautiful Spanish… also married to a Latina. Hell, Democrats only had one viable Hispanic option for VP, Gov. Richardson of New Mexico and Richardson wanted to stay where he is.

Contrary to popular opinion, Latinos and Hispanics everywhere are rather industrious folk who come stateside to work, compile enough money, and send it back to whenst they came - all ideally of course. A Democratic message of protectionism and union domination simply won’t register as well…

perhaps Mr. Leguizamo should step outside his New York mansion and explore a bit…

Steve, cool blog and thanks for you comments.


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