Thursday, August 25, 2005

Chavez: A Marxist with Money

The fact that Hugo Chavez has the resources from Venezuelan oil makes him more dangerous than Fidel Castro:

He is Fidel with money. Big money. Where Mr. Castro may be flagging, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is a Latin American firebrand who is now in total control of the world's 5th largest oil-producing country. The U.S. gets 15 percent of its oil from Venezuela and Mr. Chavez is now threatening to bypass major oil companies and sell it directly to U.S. consumers. With oil at $60 a barrel, Venezuela's daily output of 2.6 million barrels brings in $156 million every 24 hours. Mr. Chavez's opponents all seemed to have sustained charisma bypasses. He has charisma to spare and millions to give away to the poor.


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