Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Complexity of the Immigration Issue

From the Miami Herald:

Immigration lies at the heart of America's genius. We take the motivated multitudes from around the world and adapt their energy and their ideas to meet our own needs.

At the same time, Democrats and Republicans alike ought to worry about the vast number of undocumented immigrants -- some 11 million strong and counting -- who call America home.

For one thing, they're ripe for exploitation -- particularly from employers. For another thing, many of them labor off the books, which means they take billions of dollars a year out of our local tax bases.

And then there's this point: If Washington can't stop workers from coming over our borders illegally, it's also baffled when it comes to protecting the home front from illicit drugs, illicit weapons and Islamic terrorists. We're not bigots if we worry about this.


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