Thursday, August 18, 2005

Del Boca Vista Migration

This is very, very interesting:

Del Boca Vista is the mythical Florida retirement community Jerry Seinfeld's parents, Helen & Morty called home. Like Helen & Morty, the enduring cliché about older Americans is that once retired they pack up their belongings, bid adieu to colder climes, and move to Florida to enjoy rounds of golf and blue plate specials in Del Boca Vista-like retirement communities...

Tomorrow's Del Boca Vista migration won't necessarily be to the sun-belt states in the U.S. It's just as likely that a large subset of boomer retirees -- call them "boomer gringos" -- will bypass southern sun-belt states altogether for more affordable Central American alternatives like Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Belize and Honduras. Most Central American countries are still only a two or three hour flight back to the states and have adequate infrastructures allowing retirees to stay in touch with friends and loved ones back home -- good cell phone coverage, broadband Internet connections, even satellite television.


Anonymous scottfromca said...

I would love to retire to central America! Plus, I could continue doing drag performances and make a little extra cash. Not to mention, the men are very appreciative of a big girl like me. ;-)

8/18/2005 3:15 PM  

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