Sunday, August 07, 2005

Immigration at a Glance

From the Miami Herald:

• At least 6.3 million unauthorized workers were employed in March 2004, composing 4.3 percent of the civilian labor force.

• While 3 percent of them were employed in agriculture, 33 percent had jobs in service industries, 16 percent in construction and extractive occupations and 17 percent in production, installation and repair.

• In recent years, some 700,000 unauthorized migrants have arrived annually, compared with about 610,000 legal immigrants.

• The unauthorized population now is 11 million.

Source: Unauthorized Migrants: Numbers and Characteristics, Pew Hispanic Center,


Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

What are your thoughts about these numbers?

8/11/2005 12:12 PM  
Blogger nope said...


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