Thursday, August 11, 2005

Latin America News

From the Economist magazine:

Rafael Correa quit as Ecuador's finance minister after disagreements with President Alfredo Palacio over Mr Correa's plans to borrow up to $300m from Venezuela, and with the World Bank, which has suspended a $100m loan.

Two leading contenders in Mexico's presidential race, Roberto Madrazo of the PRI and Santiago Creel of the PAN, suffered blows as polls showed internal rivals catching up with both men.

Ireland said it would consider a request by Colombia to jail or send back three suspected members of the Irish Republican Army who jumped bail and fled home while facing accusations of teaching leftist FARC guerrillas to make bombs.

A judge investigating the finances of Chile's ailing ex-dictator, Augusto Pinochet, ordered the arrest of his wife and youngest son over tax-fraud allegations.

A commission of lawmakers recommended lifting the immunity of Nicaragua's President Enrique Bolaños so that he can be prosecuted on election-fraud charges. The row over the allegations has held up Nicaragua's ratification of the CAFTA trade deal.

In Brazil's biggest bank robbery, thieves tunnelled into the Central Bank's branch in the city of Fortaleza and grabbed 156m reais ($68m).

Fidel Castro's government cheered as an American appeals court overturned the 2001 convictions of five alleged Cuban spies. Cuba says they were spying only on anti-Castro groups, not on the United States.

Never a dull moment south of the border.


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