Monday, August 01, 2005

Los Mets

Good article in the New York Times Magazine about the Latinization of baseball and how my New York Mets and General Manager Omar Minaya are taking advantage of it:

That Latin America produces more than its fair share of major leaguers is hardly news. But almost anyone who watched the All-Star Game earlier this month had to have been surprised at just how outsized a role Latinos, and Dominicans in particular, have come to play in professional baseball. A record 24 of the 60 players originally selected were Latin American. Half of them were Dominican. (Venezuela was second among Latin-American countries with five.) A quarter of all major-league players are now Latin American, and that number is virtually guaranteed to grow: almost half of all minor leaguers are Latino.

The latinization of baseball has even reached the little leagues, and apparently it isn't welcomed by all:

An umpire who ordered a Little League baseball team to stop speaking Spanish during a game this week was barred from officiating any more games this year, league officials said on Friday.

The incident occurred when a bilingual assistant coach shouted out instructions in Spanish to the team’s 14-year-old pitcher and catcher, who are immigrants from the Dominican Republic and speak little English, the Eagle-Tribune newspaper reported.


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