Monday, August 22, 2005

Protests Against Adventists Hospitals

If these accusations are true, this is outrageous behavior by the hospitals:

Under a blistering sun here recently, armed with only bottled water, homemade signs and the plight of one deathly ill little boy, a dozen Latino immigrants came to shame leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Their grievance: Hospitals operating in the name of the church overcharging and denying care to those least able to pay.

In the past year, lawyers for the poor have filed federal lawsuits in 22 states accusing nonprofit hospitals of failing to meet their tax-exempt obligations to provide indigent care. With those legal maneuvers unfolding at a glacial pace, one unlikely crusader is racing forward with a new line of attack, focusing on what he calls the un-Christian behavior of religiously affiliated hospitals.

"It's offensive these hospitals market themselves as providing the healing mission of Christ," said K.B. Forbes, the lead agitator and executive director of Consejo de Latinos Unidos, or Council of United Latinos. "There is nothing healing about charging someone quadruple and then sending the bill collectors after them."


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