Thursday, August 25, 2005

Robertson's Faux Pas

He may have apologized, but Pat Robertson's call for Hugo Chavez's "assassination" has already done considerable damage:

So much for the respectand pro-life positions that Robertson has long espoused. How inconsistent to fight to protect the life of the unborn and then call for the assassination of a foreign leader who holds opposing political views. Not that Robertson or anybody else shouldn't defend the right to live. But it's difficult not to see the contradiction between his two positions....

Latin American churches are raising up their own pastors and leaders who speak strongly about politics and social conditions in their countries, addressing concerns from their own experience and knowledge of their culture with biblical understanding and the support of their church members. They don't need a foreign TV evangelist calling for the assassination of their own leaders. How embarrassing!

Meanwhile, Marvin Olasky asks a good question: Who Would Jesus Assassinate?


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