Monday, September 26, 2005

A Case for Immigration

Brilliant essay on immigration from Arnold King at TCS:

One way to interpret the immigration laws is that they stay on the books because they make it easy to deport troublemakers. The behavior that is punished is not immigration per se, but causing harm in some other way that gets the attention of the authorities...

So, I am not persuaded by the argument that says, "Clearly, the illegal immigrants are undesirable. By definition, they are breaking the law!" The reality is that all of us are lawbreakers of one sort or another...

One can argue that we do not want poor immigrants coming to this country and competing with established citizens for jobs. However, in our globalized world, our established citizens are going to feel competition from foreigners, whether those foreigners immigrate or not...

One reason that I am pro-immigrant is that I think that many immigrants -- and certainly the immigrants I most want to encourage -- are highly appreciative of the American system. Coming from countries where government controls more of the economy and where public officials are more corrupt, they are often grateful for the opportunities that our economy provides.

In contrast, as the school year begins, my daughter in high school is being inundated with the typical anti-American propaganda of the Left. She is bombarded with lessons claiming that America "controls" too much of the world's wealth, that we are racist and uncaring, that we spoil the environment, etc.

So here is what I propose. Let all of the teachers, professors, journalists, celebrities and others who espouse disgust with America be encouraged to emigrate. And let immigrants take their places.

These are only my favorite excerpts, please go and read the whole thing.


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