Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ferrer v. Bloomberg in NYC

From NY Newsday:

Fernando Ferrer caught a break yesterday, and so did all Democrats who hope to take back the New York mayoralty.

The former Bronx borough president chalked up 39.949 percent of Tuesday's Democratic mayoral primary vote - a far better showing than any of his rivals managed to muster. There's just one problem: A 40-percent majority is required to win the nomination without a runoff.

But yesterday afternoon, Queens Rep. Anthony Weiner, who finished the primary with 29 percent, gave Ferrer a big boost when he suddenly decided to concede. He thus lets the party side-step a possibly ruinous runoff campaign.

Now Ferrer will face Mayor Michael Bloomberg in November. If he wins, he'll become the first Hispanic mayor of New York.


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Blogger Magua said...

I'm not sure I like Ferrer. I mean, anyone who sucks up to Al Sharpton is a jack-knob.

9/15/2005 6:38 PM  
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