Monday, September 26, 2005

The Immigration Mess

From a New York Times Editorial:

For anyone really trying to untangle the immigration mess, the most taxing problem is how to draw those illegal workers out of the shadows and into the system. If a new immigration plan gives them work for a few years and then sends them home before they can apply to return, many will opt to stay underground. That is why it makes more sense to give these workers the choice of trying to stay here - even if it means a substantial fine and a longer wait to get a green card. The most workable bill, a bipartisan effort by Senators John McCain and Edward Kennedy, puts the fine at $2,000 and sends these applicants to the end of the line. That is the least America could do for people who do so much of our dirty work.

President Bush needs to sell the idea of a secure, workable and humane immigration policy to his own party, of course. But if he and his fellow Republicans followed those guidelines, comprehensive immigration reform could be among the most important and positive legacies of his presidency.

Meanwhile, the President's plan is getting mixed reviews as people begin to find out the details of the program.


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