Monday, September 19, 2005

The Infamous Democratic Memos

Manuel Miranda discusses the "leaked" Democratic memos that showed a campaign by liberal Democrats and sympathetic interest groups to stop the nomination of minority candidates to be federal judges:

These published and many still unpublished documents in the hands of the Senate showed that Democratic senators obstructed Bush judicial confirmations over two years in conjunction with promises of campaign funding and election support, used Senate resources to raise campaign funds, used their rejection of judicial nominees as fund-raising inducements, and coordinated with litigants to guarantee results in pending litigation. Democratic senators and their staff even picked which judicial nominees would be rejected well in advance of any hearing and actually invited liberal special interests to vote on what nominees would get hearings and votes.

The documents also showed that Democratic senators imposed a special standard for a Hispanic judicial nominee, and had an improper design to block appellate court nominee Miguel Estrada in particular, because he was a Latino who could someday be elevated to the Supreme Court.


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