Thursday, September 29, 2005

Is There a Latino Identity?

José Enrique Idler:

Hispanic Heritage Month lumps together too many Latin American nationalities, ethnicities and cultures to have any real meaning.


Blogger Abdul-Halim V. said...

The terms "Latino" or "Hispanic" tend to mask the great deal of diversity which exists among people from Latin America. But at the same time, it isn't completely unreasonable for the off-white, Spanish-speaking, salsa-eating-and-dancing-to, segment of the US population to try to come together when possible to promote their common interests as necessary.

The people of Latin America, by having a common language (and the possibility of cultural exchange which comes with that) have a greater potential for real unity than Europe where there is no single common language.

I guess I would say that I agree with the article and Latino unity isn't something which can be taken for granted, but at the same time it would be a good thing to try to promote to the extent possible.

10/09/2005 2:30 PM  
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