Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Racial Rivalry in San Antonio

From the Houston Chronicle:

SAN ANTONIO - Demographers say this predominantly Hispanic city already reflects the population mix that the rest of Texas is destined to show by 2030.

A U.S. Census Bureau estimate released last month said Hispanics, blacks and others now make up the majority of Texans. San Antonio, with a 56 percent Hispanic population, is only 34 percent Anglo, the data said.

The announcement came as no surprise to demographers, but some Anglos seemed shocked. As one blogger lamented: "What was the point of fighting at the Alamo?"

But even though the Alamo City is steeped in centuries of Spanish and Mexican history and culture, its power structure remains heavily influenced — if not dominated — by the city's Anglo minority.

That incongruity causes some Hispanics to wonder whether their swelling numbers really bring long-awaited political, social and economic power.


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