Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bush Gets Tough

This looks very much like a change in tone in response to conservative opposition to the president's immigration reform proposals:

In the nearly two years since he first pitched the idea of reforming immigration laws, President George W. Bush's more tolerant approach toward illegal immigrants has fallen flat with the party's conservative faithful while warming the hearts and opening the wallets of the party's business allies. Now the White House is preparing to regroup under a tougher banner.

In an afternoon speech at the White House signing ceremony for the Dept. of Homeland Security appropriations bill on Oct. 18, President Bush is expected to praise the U.S. Border Patrol for its capture of 1.1 million aliens along the border with Mexico over the past 12 months. He will also propose more border agents, aircraft, and dollars for the effort, aides say.


Blogger mortalez said...

I find immagration a double edged sword in the minds of most people. For one most people feel they clog our school,welfare and healthcare system. They feel outraged when they see forms in spanish and english etc etc .....
But the truth is most americans want them here, be it the vietnamese working on the shrimp boats in louisiana , jamacans working construction in newyork,asians working the clothing factories in california , or mexicans working everywhere in texas. Point is if you did not have ilegal imigration , you could not afford to eat out, sleep in a clean hotel , buy produce,or have a house built. Think about it do you want to pay $20.00 for 4 tomatoes ? well you would have to if I was picking those tomatoes. Infact most people who scream about people getting in our country the most , often have immigrants cutting their grass, watching their kids , cooking their meals and cleaning their homes. And another thing illegal immigration is nothing new , it just changes faces , the only reason people make such a fuss is because the faces are now brown and yellow . At the begining of the 20th century most illegals were irish and italian, infact the term WOP is an acronym:WOP=without papers. You see back then italians were viewed the way mexicans are now and jews were viewed the way asians are now. and what happened then will happen again , many italians came here to work and many sent money back home to italy , that caused the italian economy to improved and the immigration from italy stopped(not completly but they nolonger come by the boatload and its mostly legal immigration) .

10/19/2005 10:14 PM  
Anonymous Heather Gutierrez said...

Thats the truth. i have been married to and illigal mexican for five years and we have three gurls together. And our 2 month old is in the Childrens Hospital in Atlanta Ga. She just unger gone sugery Oct 31. And her dad couln't be here becouse they sent him back to mexico in August. And I didn't know I was suppose to fill out forms to make him legal. Now there is no way I can get him back over here to see his children until 5 years. And the whole time we been together I haven't had to work he supported me and our kids and now since he was sent back to mexico I and stuggeling just to make ends meet. He work every single day he was over here and did things that others wouldn't ever do becouse of the pay. I think they should make mexicans legal becouse if not people would go hungry becouse they wouldn't get out in a field and work in the sun or in the cold like mexicans will. Or get payed the salary mexicans will. They are not bad people and I think that a lot of people are raciest against them but they work everyday to feed their families and don't ask anything from the goverment. But live here and make a life for themselfes. From

11/04/2005 5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You people that break the law cannot or will not get any sympathy, if you want into the USA just get in line and do it "the legal way"!You drain our already bad economy more than you help it? Why should we want that in our country , FIX YOUR COUNTRY, DON'T INFEST OURS!!

5/16/2006 8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

America is now the melting pot for the World's poor and throwaways!The USA will have more people enter illegally every day than it;s society can deal with!Mexico, and all the other countries that is dumping their unwanted into the United States should be ashamed, but they are not!The employers that hire these illegals should be fined, sent to prison, and have their business licenses revoked!The USA will have all it's jobs back for true legal Americans and even if prices go up the offset of them will be better than the offset of 12-20 million illegals staying in America.POINT BLANK IS IF YOUR HERE ILLEGAL YOU WILL BE DEPORTED BACK THERE IS NO DAM AMNESTY FOR LAW BREAKERS!

5/16/2006 8:34 AM  

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