Wednesday, October 26, 2005

El Salvador's Success Story

Former Salvadoran President Francisco Flores:

By far, El Salvador’s greatest success has been its fight against poverty. The one constant concept that has inspired the social strategy of the past three and the present administration has been that the antidote against poverty is opportunity.

This concept presumes that what the poor need is an opportunity to succeed. The concept of integration, breaking the isolation of poor communities through education, roads, telecommunications, social services, job opportunities, and micro-credit is based on the objective of creating opportunities.

Because opportunity is choice and choice is freedom, and it is this enhanced freedom that allows a person to unleash his creative energies and resolve his problems.

This a short excerpt from a great speech that should be read again and again by people interested in improving conditions in Latin America. There are so many great nuggets of wisdom in the speech that I wish I could post the whole thing, but then I would rob you of the opportunity to discover them yourself. Click on the link, read the speech, print it, save it, share it and repeat!


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