Monday, October 10, 2005

Latino Workers in New Orleans

From the L.A. Times:

With 140,000 homes destroyed or damaged by Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is undergoing the nation's largest reconstruction effort and its new workforce is largely Latino. No one knows how many immigrants have descended here since Katrina ravaged the city five weeks ago, but their presence is visible throughout the city...

The influx of Latino workers is raising concern among city officials. Last week, Associated Press reported, New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin asked local business people, "How do I ensure that New Orleans is not overrun by Mexican workers?"

According to census figures, in 2000 there were about 15,000 Hispanics in New Orleans, or 3% of the population. Latino leaders and academic experts say the newcomers are likely to change the face of the city.

Mayor Nagin is not exactly the most sensitive public official, is he? Mexican workers are coming in to rebuild his city while everybody else is fleeing, and he's worried that there will be too many Mexicans in New Orleans. What a dimwit!!


Anonymous Eagle in NYC said...

And yet when Mexican President Vicente Fox said that Mexicans take the U.S. jobs that "not even" blacks want - back in May 2005, he was crucified by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (and other self-appointed-but-never-elected “black leaders”) who both traveled to Mexico City for extortion money in exchange for their public absolution. Or, at the very least, a publicly humiliating apology.

However, the rebuilding of New Orleans proves Fox right after all.

But, just as Jackson and Sharpton resent the verbalization of the truth, Nagin resents the physical manifestation of the truth.

10/21/2005 9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11/07/2005 2:49 AM  

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