Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bush in Latin America

From the Washington Post:

As President Bush prepares for a visit to South America this week, thousands of people in the region have been preparing to make sure he knows exactly what they think of him...

The chilly welcome, according to public opinion polls, reflects a general slide of the U.S. government's popularity throughout South America. While some of the criticism centers on the war in Iraq, much of it is linked to regional economic policies such as privatization and low tariffs promoted by multinational lenders and supported by both the Clinton and Bush administrations.


Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

First this is from the Washington Pravda. Second - thousands are not millions. If you want to gague how W is doing with Latinos, go the Miami! Who gives a crap about this Summitt and the professional protest pimps!

11/04/2005 9:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is all BS. Who where there? Fidel (by proxies), Chávez, Marranona, I mean, Maradona, Evo Morales. They are the same group of people that would get together in Havana, or Santiago (not Mexico, we are too big a pill for them to swallow, thank God)or Teherán. The anarcos are the same ones, they protest in Davos, Seattle, Guadalajara, Cancún, Miami, everywhere, same people, same tactics. So we have this clique that moves all over creating havoc, potemkin masses, the tanks of Rommel that would make the same Panzer group pass several times in front of Monty to scare him.
What I want to say is that half of the people there (and most of the leaders) are the "regulars". You see them in 20 different places in a couple of years and think they are a lot more than they really are. The other half were people who would come from a lot of different places to be in Buenos Aires whith the "regulars". They all combined, make a lot less than 1% of the population of Argentina, much less of South America. So much for the "general slide, blah, blah, blah".
Sorry for being so wordy.

11/05/2005 6:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Brazilians have it right! They should insist that we end our digusting farm subsidies before they talk to us about free trade. The farm subsidies are just corporate welfare for huge corporate farms and have little to do with helping family farmers.

If we allow our farm subsidies to destroy the agricultural economies of countries like Brazil, the next thing that happens is that all the displaced Brazilian peasants end up in America as illegals.

11/08/2005 12:59 PM  

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