Friday, November 11, 2005

Foreign Born Workers

From HispanicBusiness:

One in seven members of the US workforce was born overseas, largely Latinos employed in low-income jobs, a new congressional study said Friday.

That proportion is up from one in 10 a decade ago, and is set to rise further as US-born baby boomers retire, the study by the cross-party Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said.


Contrary to popular wisdom, large-scale immigration to the United States may boost rather than dampen the wages of U.S.-born workers, according to a study by two university economists.

The influx of about 8 million immigrants from 1990 to 2000 pushed up the average wage of U.S.-born workers by 2.7 percent, economists Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano of the University of Bologna and Giovanni Peri of the University of California at Davis found.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting to see that the law of supply and deamnd has finally been repealed! I'm sure the socialists are cheering because now maybe their theory which has failed everywhere it was tried for the past 100 years will finally start to work. /sarcasm

Flood the American workforce with poverty stricken cheap labor and our own poor will suddenly be pushed into the midddle class. LOL

Like most of the recent studies, both of these try to muddy the water by burying the bad that is illegal immigration with the good that is legal immigration. Our legal immigration system is slanted (very correctly) towards bringing in skills based migrants that have an excellent chance of thriving in and contributing to our economy. Many of these legal immigrants do very well indeed! When a study fails to make the distinction between legal immigrants and illegals who are almost always on the bottom end of the wage scale, you can bet that they are using the positive performance at the high end to mask the dismal truth at the bottom.

Low wage workers take out more from the treasury in the form of services (healthcare, medicare, welfare in numerous forms) then they pay in. Because American taxpayers have to subsidize all these low wage peoples who make a net withdrawal from the treasury, the argument about wages is really barely relevant. The real truth is that there is nothing cheap about cheap labor. America will not be made better by importing third world poverty.

11/12/2005 11:24 AM  

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