Friday, November 18, 2005

Latino Film in Taiwan

These movies sound very interesting:

After the Taipei Golden Horse International Film Festival wrapped up this week, this year's film festival season will enjoy another boost with the arrival of the Latino American Film Festival.

Featuring 24 movies from across the continent, the festival opens up a window for audiences to see different aspects of Latin America other than Argentina's tango or Brazil's football team.

Speaking of movies:

Jim McNamara started tailor-making telenovelas for U.S. Hispanics as president of Telemundo -- now he's launched a new company to produce movies with the same strategy.

"I feel there's a huge market out there," McNamara said from the Coral Gables office of Panamax Films. "There are three full-blown Hispanic TV networks out there, cable and radio, but it doesn't make sense that there are really no commercial features in the mix."

Especially because Hispanics tend to be avid movie fans.


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