Sunday, November 20, 2005

Quicker Deportations

Who says the government is not doing something about the illegal immigration problem?:

The House Homeland Security Committee yesterday passed a border security bill that would expand expedited removal of illegal aliens across all U.S. land borders and boost funding for border enforcement and detention.

"Expedited removal" is an attempt to speed up the processing and return of illegal aliens to their home countries, which takes about 90 days under the old system, but has been cut to about 30 days under a limited Department of Homeland Security pilot program. The program allows immigration authorities more discretion to deport someone without a set of hearings, and cuts down on processing time for other countries to take back their citizens.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Who says the government is not doing something about the illegal immigration problem?: "

I suppose I fall into that camp. I have yet to see the government do anything meaningful. In the next two or three months, I expect Congress to make a bunch of noise that will make us think they are doing something. Here is how I predict it will go down:

The House will pass an excellent enforcement bill loaded with good provisions that if they were implemented would solve the illegal immigration problem.

The Senate will pass a "comprehensive" solution. Comprehensive means amnesty although they will try to call it anything but amnesty. The Senate Bill will be weak on border enforcement and even weaker on interior enforcement. It will provide a means for the illegals to "adjust their status" aka amnesty. It will also include a massive guestworker program and there is a good chance that there will be an easy path to citizenship included for these guests so it really won't be about guests at all but rather a massive expansion permanent legal immigration of ignorant low-skilled workers from the third world disguised as a guestworker program. The Senate version of reform will enjoy strong White House support and support from the GOP leadership who are pretty much bought and paid for by the National Chamber of Commerce.

In the joint House/Senate Reconciliation Committe, the House Enforcement provisions will be gutted and the Senate Amnesty and Mass Immigration provisions will be included. We will all be told we need to support the "Grand Compromise".

After the Shamnesty passes, the amnesty and guestowrker provisions will be quickly implemented and the enforcement stuff will all be ignored just like it was in 1986.

I am perfectly comfortable with the idea that the government is not doing anything.

11/21/2005 10:34 AM  

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