Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Singapore Model

Eneas Biglione writing for Tech Central Station:

With the exception of Chile and Colombia, most of Latin America finds itself stalled in deep economic and institutional backwardness, and there is little hope of future improvement. Indeed, politicians there appear more concerned with opinion polls than with the substantive policy reforms which must be undertaken. Their solutions are only short-term fixes, damp cloths which relieve the pain but do nothing about the sickness that caused it.

Latin American countries must follow the example of the Asian nations that made significant economic breakthroughs despite comparative disadvantages and the instability which has characterized the region in recent years. Singapore is an excellent example. The city-state was able to overcome its status as a poor, third-world colony and develop into a powerful exporter of high-tech and medicinal products.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Change is always difficult and always resisted even when it is for the best. It generally only happens when the status quo becoming intolerable. There is no reason to believe that Mexico and the Southern Hemisphere will make the needed changes without a great deal of pressure. The wealthy elites who control the vast preponderance of the wealth and all the power are doing very well under the current corrupt regimes and will resist change until they find their backs against an adobe wall and a blindfold across their eyes.

Rather than enabling the perpetuation of the current corrupt and unjust situation that traps hundred of millions in poverty while a few live like royalty, the United States should be an engine for social, political and economic change. We should quit allowing the corrupt Hispanic regimes to use the United States as a safety valve for their excess campesino (serf) population. Things have to get worse before they will get better. Population and poverty will be the catalyst that finally force reform. We should close our borders and keep the pressure on until these angry citizens force these countries to adopt the vestigages of modern and responsible governance that would allow their economies to grow and their people to live decently at home.

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