Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Virginia's Governor Elect

This is an excerpt from an interview with Virginia Governor-Elect Tim Kaine:

PN: There are an estimated 200,000 illegal immigrants in Virginia. Will you leave immigration policy to the federal government, or do you plan to address it at the state and local levels as well?

TK: I have supported a series of things at state level, like tightening up the process to get a driver's license. Most of the hijackers on 9/11 got driver's licenses in Virginia. We've made it tough to get a driver's license in Virginia without being a legal citizen. The fundamental problem has nothing to do with something the state of Virginia did wrong; it is because the federal government refuses to enforce immigration law. I am not going to let the feds off the hook. What they are doing is pushing the burden of illegal immigration onto the shoulders of the state. My main focus is to really push the federal government to really do their job.

The PN stands for Potomac News and the TK for the interviewee.


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