Friday, December 02, 2005

Hispanic Muslims

Interesting story:

Islam, the religion with the most followers after Christianity, is growing rapidly in the United States – and the majority of new followers are minorities, especially Hispanics, according to New York’s El Diario/La Prensa. In 1997 the American Muslim Council counted approximately 40,000 Hispanic Muslims. Recent studies estimate there are 75,000 followers most of them in big cities like New York and Miami.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The article doesn't say but my understanding is that the most fertile ground for Islamic missionary work in America is our prisons.

12/02/2005 3:52 PM  
Blogger Abdul-Halim V. said...

Thanks for pointing this out. I'll put a link on my blog.

Planet Grenada

12/04/2005 2:34 PM  

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