Monday, January 30, 2006

After Katrina...

Hispanics are "invading" New Orleans:

Hurricane Katrina, as devastating as it was, has created great opportunities for many. After all, somebody has to tear down, clean up and rebuild this city. And by and large, the people doing the dirty, dangerous work are not native New Orleanians but Hispanics who have flocked in to fill the void left by hundreds of thousands who fled the storm.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But the workers' money is not all being spent in New Orleans. Every Friday night, Latin laborers, flush with more money than most of them have ever made before, line up at a Western Union in the French Quarter and wire most of it home to their families.

In a properly functioning economy a dollar payed in payroll will cycle through the economy several times creating more jobs and more wealth. Obviously this is not a properly funtioning economy. All those American tax dollars that are getting sent there cycle through the economy once and then leave the country. It is a bad deal for America and a bad deal for New Orleans.

1/30/2006 3:42 PM  
Blogger HispaniCon said...

Every dollar that goes from an immigrant worker to some poor family in the third world is one dollar less that the U.S. has to spend on foreign aid, which often goes to corrupt governments. I'd rather have this money go directly to people who need it. If they have a decent standard of living because of the remittances of one family member, they will be encouraged to stay where they are instead of entering the U.S. illegally to look for work.

1/31/2006 5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or they will use those remittance dollars to pay a "coyote" to smuggle them into the USA.

2/07/2006 6:03 PM  

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