Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Job Discrimination

From CareerJournal:

A new wave of race-discrimination cases is appearing in the workplace: African-Americans who feel that they are being passed over for Hispanics.

This kind of case marks a shift from years past, when blacks were likely to seek legal action against employers who showed preferential treatment toward whites. The cases highlight mounting tension between Hispanics and blacks as they compete for resources and job opportunities...

The situation is exacerbated by strong stereotypes that have set in among some employers about the pluses and minuses of hiring from each pool of minority workers. "There is a perception that Latinos closer to the immigrant experience might work harder than black persons," says Joe Hicks, who is African-American and vice president of Community Advocates, a nonpartisan group that aims to advance interracial dialogue.

John Trasvina, vice president for law and policy at the Mexican-American Defense League, an advocacy group that works on civil rights issues, says that some Latinos may be viewed as "preferred applicants." He believes there is a feeling among some employers that Latinos can be exploited because, in their view, they tend to be immigrants who are more likely to accept low wages and be less aware of their rights than blacks. Says Mr. Trasvina: "Employers sometimes pit one group of employees against the other."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to see the blacks join the fight against illegal immigration. As a group they are at the bottom of the economic ladder and are the ones being damaged the most by this illegal immigration lawlessness. I hope the blacks raise hell! Being of a mixed racial background myself (half Cuban/half caucasian), I don't really much care what happens to their race or any other race except from the enlightened self-interest perspective that if they are working at decent paying jobs then I am not being taxed to support them on welfare.

Blacks are in a strong position to influence the Democratic Party to abandon their open border positions. I hope they start twisting some Democrat tail! Democrats cannot win without the loyalty of the black vote. It will be interesting to watch the Democrats juggle their Black and Hispanic minority constituencies. They can't help one without damaging the other.

For years now the Democrats have been shafting blacks on education. The teacher's unions get whatever they want and blacks get crappy schools. I wouldn't be too surprised to see Democrats shaft them again in favor of Hispanics. Maybe Democrats will take a gamble on expanding Hispanic demographics and hope that blacks will stay on the plantation. Hopefully the illegal immigration issue will finally convince blacks that voting as a monolithic group is not in their best interests.

I'm glad that this is a Democrat problem and not a Republican problem. One of the main reasons why I have been so disgusted by recent Republican hispandering is exactly the situation above. As soon as you start playing the racial group politics game your principles are gone and any hope of good governance goes out the window with them. I'm glad to leave those problems to the Democrats and have the Republicans return to being the color blind party of principle that is welcoming to all who share our values.

All in all, this is happy news! Good for America and good for Republicans.

1/25/2006 5:07 PM  

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