Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Che Guevara - War Criminal

Miguel A. Bretos, writing for the Miami Herald:

Guevara's face has launched a billion T-shirts. Let Third World demagogues deal with him as they will; consumer societies will morph his empercudido look into trinkets or fashion for high profit.

Guevara-worship may be naive or opportunistic, but there is something downright obscene in his promotion by capitalist commerce. Guevara simply was not a nice fellow.

There is nothing benign about the real Guevara, pistol in hand, giving a cold-blooded coup de grace to the Castro regime's enemies at La Cabaña fortress. Or his bloody repression of anti-Castro peasants in the Escambray mountains of central Cuba when the Castroite regime was 2 years old. Guevara's hands had much blood on them besides his own. In real life, he was a war criminal.


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