Monday, February 27, 2006

Specter's Guest Worker Bill

Let the debate begin:

The Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee unveiled draft legislation on Friday that would create a temporary guest worker program that could allow hundreds of thousands of foreigners to fill vacant jobs in the United States for periods of up to six years.

The draft circulated by the lawmaker, Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, would also authorize millions of illegal immigrants who arrived in this country before Jan. 4, 2004 to remain here indefinitely, along with their spouses and children, as long as they registered with the Department of Homeland Security, paid back taxes and remained law-abiding and employed, among other conditions.

The proposal would require employers to attest that they had tried to recruit American workers before bringing in additional foreigners from abroad and to pay prevailing wages. The plan would not place a restriction on the number of foreigners who could take part in the guest worker program. Those workers would not have the right to become permanent residents or citizens.

The bill is silent on whether illegal immigrants already in this country should be accorded that opportunity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Spector Bill seems to combine the worst features of the McCainneddy Shamnesty with the worst features of the Kyl-Cornyn unlimited Guestworker importation bill. All of these bills need to be defeated.

Until we secure our borders and prove that we can enforce our employment laws we should not even be talking about guestworkers.

The President's decision to extend Temporary Protected Status again for 300,000 Central Americans for YET ANOTHER year is proof enough for me that once here, our government will NEVER muster the will to make anybody leave. There is nothing more permanent then a temporary guestworker and it has been proven the world over.

Any discussion of guestworkers is a sham and what they are really talking about is a massive expansion of permanent immigration that will not stop until America has reached third world hell hole status equivalent to what these people are trying to escape.

We should just say NO!

2/27/2006 6:00 PM  

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