Monday, March 27, 2006

Chavez's Day Are Numbered

Jose Enrique Idler for Tech Central Station:

Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, makes it seem like populist dictatorship is back in fashion in Latin America. He has given the country a makeover, changing everything from its official ideology and name to, most recently, the flag and the coat-of-arms. Assisted by oil revenues, he envisions extending his makeover philosophy to the whole region, reinforcing the worry that Latin America's lurch to the left represents a new era with setbacks for free-markets and democracy. Chavez, however, is a lonely voice, though not in a desert; rather in a region that wants to boom and that has changed far too much to make the Chavez-style of governance sustainable...

Although Chavez could well win the presidential elections this year and remain in power -- he has an impressive electoral track-record -- his political inclinations run counter to the region's democratic instincts. Consider that left-leaning governments in Chile and Brazil tend to show concern for economic and political freedoms. Beyond left or right, the consensus is now openness and democracy; and here Chavez finds himself on the wrong side of the fence. Unless he changes his ways, an unlikely prospect, his days are numbered. As oil prices decline, so will the dictator's clout.

I'm not holding my breath for declining oil prices.


Blogger Thomas said...

Chavez is funding Humala's campaign in Peru and it's already having an effect. The candidate who wants to nationalize industries is rising the polls.

US Congressmen like Jose Serrano should be investigated for the deals they made with Chavez to bring "cheap oil" to "poor" American neighborhoods.

3/29/2006 2:49 AM  

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