Saturday, March 11, 2006

Chile's New President

Informative article about the new President of Chile from Marcela Sanchez:

Michelle Bachelet is many things: socialist, agnostic, single mother, torture victim, former political exile and now Chile's first woman president. But as dramatic as these might sound, it is her subtler, more elusive qualities that best explain what kind of leader she will be for Latin America's most prosperous nation.


The inauguration of Michelle Bachelet as president of Chile tomorrow is an important event for the Americas. While not the first woman in the region to be elected head of state, Bachelet's rise to prominence was not influenced by marriage to a powerful man but rather by her own success, first as minister of health and then minister of defense.

She accompanied the Chilean Socialist Party on its voyage from Marxism during the 1970s into the camp of social democracy, a transformation that played a large role in opening the door to Chile's successful transition from dictatorship to a stable and prosperous democracy. During her campaign, she promised social reform, but in an environment of respect for the value of consensus.


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