Thursday, March 02, 2006

GOP Split on Immigration

From the Washington Post:

The Senate will begin work today on legislation to overhaul the nation's immigration laws and plug its porous borders, but a bipartisan push to create a new guest worker program has put Senate Republicans on a collision course with their counterparts in the House.

The immigration question -- one of the volatile issues in this election year -- has split Republicans as no other issue before Congress. Vociferous opponents of illegal immigration are at odds with business interests and their allies, including President Bush, who are keen on establishing new, legal avenues to bolster the labor force.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

With the exception of my vote for the Constition Party Presidential candidate in 2004, I have voted solidly Republican all my life.

Both of my Wyoming Republican Senators are on notice that if they vote for anything that resembles an amnesty or a mass guestworker program for illegals that I'll be voting for their Democratic opponents in the next election. I bet I can carry several other votes with me too. Wyoming only has a couple hundred thousand voters so a few votes make a difference.

Republicans may have to worry about not alienating Hispanics but they'd better really think hard about not losing the conservative vote.

The importance of the Hispanic vote is way over blown. The only state where it really matters is Florida. California, Illinois and New York will vote Democrat and Texas will vote Republican regardless of what their Hispanics do so they are really rather irrelevant. Given the kinds of leaders that Hispanics elect in their home countries, the United States would be well advised to keep it that way.

3/02/2006 1:38 PM  

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