Monday, March 13, 2006

Immigration and Crime

Interesting study:

...[E]vidence points to increased immigration as a major factor associated with the lower crime rate of the 1990's (and its recent leveling off)...

... [O]ur study found that immigrants appear in general to be less violent than people born in America, particularly when they live in neighborhoods with high numbers of other immigrants...

In today's world, then, it is no longer tenable to assume that immigration automatically leads to chaos and crime. New York is a magnet for immigration, yet it has for a decade ranked as one of America's safest cities. Border cities like El Paso and San Diego have made similar gains against crime. Perhaps the lesson is that if we want to continue to crack down on crime, closing the nation's doors is not the answer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This study is complete liberal hogwash supported by junk science. One of the fundamental rules of statistical analysis is that correlation does not prove causation.

Consider the second half of the assertion. (It is helpful to look at the pathetic little graph in the article.) As immigration rates dropped slightly, crime rates ticked up slightly.

The author is asking us to believe that every time we did not let somebody immigrate, it caused somebody that was already here to be more likely to commit a crime. That is nonsense on its face! It is laughable to think that if only we had let in another immigrant, a senseless crime by somebody already here could have been prevented. Ridiculous!

The more likely explanation for falling crime in the past decade has been efforts like Rudy Guilianni's broken window policing, and mandatory stiff sentencing laws which have kept criminals in jail rather than repeatedly returning them to the streets to commit more crimes. During this same period there has been a vast expansion of our prison population. It makes far more sense to correlate reduced crime with more criminals in jail.

If immigrants are so peaceful and law-abiding, why do illegal immigrants who only represent about 4% of our overall population represent 20% of our Federal Prison poulation? It seems that they are more than 5 times as likely to commit a serious crime as a citizen.

3/14/2006 1:05 PM  

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