Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More Work Visas

Brendan Miniter:

Perhaps the most significant contribution this Republican Congress can make is to keep stoking the economy with tax cuts. With the national unemployment rate under 5%, immigrants are clearly not sinking the economy, and most are contributing to what can rightly be called the Bush boom...

The solution is to create respect for the rule of law by making it possible for foreign workers to come here and fill the jobs the economy needs filled. Immigrants will use legal avenues to enter this country if they are open to them--even at a small cost--for the simple reason that it is more profitable to live outside the shadows than inside barrios where hustlers can take advantage of them without fear of the long arm of the law. That means vastly more work visas than the U.S. now issues, and it is why President Bush is pushing for a guest worker program.

Once immigrants are allowed to live outside of the shadows, it will be much easier for the nation to assimilate them and then target drug traffickers and others who still sneak across the border. The strongest fence is the economic opportunity of a life out in the open. It's about time this nation started using economic incentives to its advantage.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our immigration policy should be designed to benefit the majority of Americans, not just a few special interests.

Illegal immigration undoubtedly makes the economy grow. You can't add millions of new workers and consumers without getting some growth.

But only a few are benefitting from this growth. There are the rich who profit from lower wages and higher sales. And the immigrants themselves because life here is better than whatever cesspool they left.

But most Americans are getting higher taxes, lower wages and lost opportunity. All of the new jobs are going to the immigrants who work for peanuts and subsist on taxpayer funded subsidies. All the while most Americans suffer the double indignity of a worse quality of life such as worse schools, degraded healthcare and increased congestion.

Illegal immigration makes the economy grow but it also serves as a wealth transfer mechanism from the poor and the middleclass to the rich.

America's immigration policy should be aimed at serving all Americans. We should look at high quality well educated immigrants that will create wealth, contribute to the treasury and create jobs and opportunities for our people.

Ignorant people from the third world take, they don't contribute. No matter how hard they work, most Americans are worse off as a result of their presence.

4/19/2006 8:27 AM  
Anonymous ojo chino said...


Do you have any supporting documentation for your comments?

4/20/2006 3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask and you shall receive.

Here is a study that quantifies the cost to tax payers of illegal immigration, net of the taxes they pay at the Federal level. It says that at the Federal Level, that illegal immigrants are currently costing taxpayers about $10 billion per year and that if they are legalized this cost will climb to $30 billion per year because most are already paying taxes but they will suddenly be eligible for a whole bunch of new services aimed at the working poor such as EITC, medicaid and housing assistance.

The High Cost of Cheap Labor

Here is a similar study that tries to qualify the same thing at the State Level. Again these are net costs after you subtract out the taxes that the illegal immigrants pay. It says they are currently costing us about $36 billion, net of the taxes they pay and if we legalize them the cost will climb to $61 billion annually. One of the big reasons for the rising costs at the state level is that amnesty would allow many family members of illegals that are currently outside the country to come and because all of the guestworker plans also provide for the admittance of hundreds of thousands of new guests and their families every year. The taxpayers will get stuck with educating the children, providing healthcare and incarcerating the bad actors. Low wage earners pay very little tax so all of this will fall on citizens and particularly the middleclass.

The Costs to Local Taxpayers for Illegal or "Guest" Workers

Here is a study which shows the impact on wages as a result of mass illegal immigration. It is done by Dr. George Borjas who is a leading labor economist. It confirms the obvious: when you massively expand the supply of unskilled labor, the wages for unskilled laborers fall.

Borjas attributes a 4% drop in wages for all native born men and a 7.4% drop for unskilled native born men to the mass influx of immigrants. When you are earning something like $8.00 per hour, a 7% drop is significant. It would be .56 cents which would make a big dent in a meagre standard of living.

Measuring the Impact on Native-born Workers

Are there any other statements I've made that you would like to see supported?

Bottom line is that mass immigration is good for the rich and good for the immigrants but bad for the vast majority of Americans who are forced to subsidize the cheap labor with higher taxes and lower wages and a degraded standard of living.

4/20/2006 3:59 PM  
Anonymous ojo chino said...


Thanks for the links. I'll read them and get back.

4/20/2006 9:10 PM  

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