Friday, April 14, 2006

A Request, Not A Demand

Charles Krauthammer:

The principal crime involved in the immigrant crusade is the violation of immigration laws by the illegals themselves.

To be sure, that is not a high crime. But it does not behoove one who has stealthily stolen into another's house to then make demands about rights -- or to march under the banner of "The National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice."

Justice? On what grounds do those who come into a country illegally claim rights? They seek good will and understanding. And Americans might give it -- but on request, not on demand.

Martin Luther King had a case for justice that was utterly incontrovertible, yet he always appealed to the better angels of America's nature. It is all the more important for illegals, whose claims rest not on justice but on compassion, to appeal to American generosity, openness and idealism.


Blogger Roy said...

A request certainly beats a demand especially in the PR department. But Krauthammer should explain the difference.

I would like all of these people who think this country is not in need of immigrant labor to explain who is going to work these jobs. Certainly, Americans will do them but currently unemployment is as low as it gets. In a free country unemployment does not reach 0% . So it seems obvious we need to expand the labor pool and the only way to do that is through immigration.

4/14/2006 3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of the jobs would not even exist if the immigrants were not coming. For the past decade we have been having a housing boom. But why? It was not like large numbers of people were homeless and living in tents in 1990. The reason there is a housing boom is that we are adding 1.5 million people to our population every year. It is just junk growth. Businesses love it. Everytime a 100,000 new illegals come there is a need for a new McDonalds and a new Burger King. 250,000 justifies a new Walmart. It is just growth for the sake of growth driven by population. If the people disappeared the jobs would too and nobody except those that were profiting from the illegal activity would miss them.

4/14/2006 7:49 PM  

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