Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Alan García Redux

From the Wall Street Journal (subscription):

Alan García, who presided over an economic disaster as Peru's youthful leftist president during the 1980s, is now living one of the stranger second acts in Latin American political history. As Peru enjoys a surge in economic growth, an older and seemingly more moderate Mr. García has emerged as the front-running candidate in next month's presidential election precisely because he's seen as a bulwark against another young, leftist radical, Ollanta Humala.

Mr. García, 56 years old, who just barely qualified for the June 4 runoff after a hard-fought first round in April, has charged ahead in the polls by recasting himself as a moderate and tying Mr. Humala, 43, to the region's fiery populist leaders, Venezuela's Hugo Chávez and Bolivia's Evo Morales. To many in Latin America's middle class, Messrs. Chávez and Morales have increasingly become symbols of the bad old days of runaway inflation and confrontational politics.

I think this means there's hope for Peru.


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