Thursday, May 04, 2006

Immigration & Civil Rights

From the New York Times:

Some blacks bristle at the comparison between the civil rights movement and the immigrant demonstrations, pointing out that black protesters in the 1960's were American citizens and had endured centuries of enslavement, rapes, lynchings and discrimination before they started marching.

Others worry about the plight of low-skilled black workers, who sometimes compete with immigrants for entry-level jobs.

And some fear the unfinished business of the civil rights movement will fall to the wayside as America turns its attention to a newly energized Hispanic minority with growing political and economic clout.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am pleased to see the blacks catching on to the fact that they are the ones being shafted the worst by the government's refusal to enforce the immigration laws. They will also take a shafting if Bush/McCain/Kennedy/Spector/Frist Guestworker Plan gets implemented and we import hundreds of thousands of new unskilled workers annually to compete with blacks for the low end jobs.

I have frequently voiced my disguest at watching the Republican Party disguard its historic mantle as the color-blind party of principle for our current hispandering strategy where we have to hand out freebies to people who have violated our principles.

Not only is this new racial group politics strategy repugnant, it is likely to be a disaster. After watching the May-day boycotts, it is tough to believe that Republicans will capture even a respectable minority of those socialist votes? Republicans will never be able to outpander the Democrats.

Republican should stick to their principles and leave the group politics to the Democrats. It would be fun to watch them trying to explain to the blacks and the labor unions why they were being shafted in favor of the Hispanic votes. Republican have an opportunity to make an appeal based on the principle of fair immigration policies that benefit all Americans to disgruntled blacks and blue collar laborers who are tired of policies that trade special immigration rights for Hispanics in return for votes.

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